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Building Women-Inclusive City Spaces: Why local urban governance matters

By Neha Mahal (CDHR)

LogoUrbanization and the question of women’s safety go hand in hand. Constant concern for safety from harassment is the major reason for women’s exclusion and thus inaccessibility to public spaces. This link between the dominant model of urbanization and exclusion of women from public spaces has been recognized as an area of intervention in post 2015 sustainable development goals under the urban SDG1. Mainstreaming of gender in urban development emphasizes women’s right to city by creating safer public spaces that allows them freedom of mobility.

In India, the 12th five year plan states the importance of including gender sensitivity in urban development2. Although the broader urban policy highlights the need for gender inclusive cities, its realization on the ground depends on institutionalizing this concern in everyday or local urban governance, a linkage which is missing in Indian cities.

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Needed: harassment-free public spaces for women

By Neha Mahal (CDHR)

(From our Bulletin Archives: originally published in June, 2014)

Street Harassment: The Story So Far

In every sphere, whether private or work, gender inequality is being intensely questioned. In the realm of the public space, however, it remains deeply ingrained and reproduced everyday through street harassment. Groping, lewd comments, stalking and staring at women on streets, market places, overcrowded public transport etc constitutes everyday harassment in public spaces which is often not openly discussed.

Delhi Metro

Research conducted by the NGO Jagori found that almost two out of every three women reported facing incidents of sexual harassment between 2-5 times in the past year.

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