Projects & Campaigns

LogoMost of our projects and campaigns at CDHR link national issues with global issues. For example, we believe that a campaign to tackle corruption in India cannot but be linked to efforts to tackle laws and institutions at the international level that facilitate the outflow of ‘black money’ from India, and help corrupt Indian citizens hide their money abroad. Similarly, efforts to improve access to essential medicines in India must be linked to efforts to reform or eliminate the international intellectual property laws that render life-saving medicines too expensive for the average person to afford, even in the more affluent countries of the world. Indeed, our multi-level, multi-dimensional projects and campaigns, covering international as well as national and local issues, makes CDHR unique among Indian NGOs.

[For projects and campaigns undertaken by CDHR, please navigate the Projects menu. We are in the process of developing a number of new campaigns for 2015, including one on improving access to essential medicines: please watch this space]

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