Selected publications 2000-2005:

First Report on the Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, submitted to Human Rights Commission, Geneva, February 7, 2005

“Reflections on the Right to Development” (Edited), Sage Publications, New Delhi, October 2005.

“Poverty Eradication as Human Rights”, edited by Thomas Pogge, UNESCO Publication, 2005.

“Right to Development and its Implications for Governance Reforms in India”, Human Rights, Criminal Justice and Constitutional Empowerment, Oxford University Press, 2005

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“The Human Right to Development”, Nobel Symposium, Oslo, 2003.

“The First Four Reports of the Independent Expert on the Right to Development and reflections on them”, The Right to Development, Franciscans International, Geneva, 2003.

“Implementing the Right to Development” in Sustainable Development and Human Rights edited by Nico Schrijver as International Law Association Publication in December 2002 by Kluwer Publishers.

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Article on “The Right to Development as a Human Right” in honour of Mahbub ul Haq, in the book “The South Asian Challenge” – published by Oxford University Press, London – February 2002

“The Planning Regime since 1951” speech given at India International Centre on 16 July 1999 published in the book: Looking Back: India in the Twentieth Century” by National Book Trust, India in 2002.

“Globalization and the Right to Development” (in French) – published in the book What Globalization of Academie Universelle des Cultures, Paris in 2002

“Right to Development as a Human Right” – published in Economic and Political Weekly – July 2001

“The Utilization of Research Results : The case of Policy Reform in India” – published in Netherlands Development Assistance Research Council (RAWOO) publications – 21 of May 2001

“The Budget in the Context of Long-Term Development” – published in Economic and Political Weekly – March 2001

“Development Policy and the Right to Development” – Ninth Dharm Narain Memorial Lecture of the Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi, in November 2000 – published in “Frontline” of March 2, 2001

“On Official Development Assistance”, Financing for Development, published by The OPEC Fund for International Development, Pamphlet Series-33, 2001

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Selected writings and articles (1997-2000)

1. “Introduction: an Overview of the Exercise” – published in Development Strategy and Management of the Market Economy – Vol. I – (Jointly authored by Edmond Malinvaud, Jean-Claude Milleron, Mustapha K. Nabli, Amartya K. Sen, Arjun Sengupta, Nicholas Stern, Joseph E. Stiglitz, Kotaro Suzumura), Clarendon Press Oxford 1997.

2. “Fifty Years of Development Policy in India” published in the book “Independent India – The First Fifty Years” by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations – Oxford University Press, 1998

3. “Towards Realizing the Right to Development: The Elements of A Programme: Paper submitted to Human Rights Commission, Geneva in March, 1999

4. “Trade and Development and Intervention” delivered at the High Level Symposium on Trade and Development (WTO), Geneva, 17-18 March, 1999, published by WTO, Geneva

5. “Realizing the Right to Development” Paper published in Essays in Honour of Professor D.P. Chattopadhyaya by the Centre for Studies in Civilizations at New Delhi on 16-18 February, 1999

6. “New Paradigm of Development Cooperation: using Foreign Aid to Promote Private Financing of Development”, UNDP, New York, 18 June, 1999

7. “Study on the current state of progress in the implementation of the Right to Development” First Report of Independent Expert on the Right to Development submitted to the open-ended Working Group on the Right to Development, Human Rights Commission, Geneva, distributed by United Nations, Economic & Social Council, No. E/CN.4/1999/WG.18/2 dated: July 27, 1999

8. “Delivering the Right to Development ESCR and NGOs” keynote address delivered at the workshop on ESCR in Kathmandu, Nepal, September 26, 1999, published in Economic & Political Weekly in October 1999.

9. “Financial Management of Globalization of Developing Countries” paper prepared for Human Development Report 1998 – published as an Occasional Paper of UNDP, in November1999. Also published in Economic & Political Weekly in January 15, 2000.

Selected writings and publications (1989-1997):

1. “The LDC Debt Problem: Some Reflections on the Proposed Solutions”, published in “Papers and Proceedings of the Fifth EPA International Symposium on: Global Role of the Japanese Economy with Affluent Savings and Accumulated Wealth”, Economic Research Institute, Economic Planning Agency, Tokyo – 1989.

2. “Preferential Treatment of Exports of the Developing Countries: A proposal to extend GSP to Non-Tariff Barriers” published in The Future of the GSP – The European Institute for South and South-East Asian Studies, Brussels – November 1990.

3. “Multilateral Compacts, Supporting Economic Reforms”: published in The Companion Volume to the Report of the South Commission – 1992.

4. “The Financial Sector and Economic Reforms in India” – Sir Purshotamdas Thakurdas Memorial Lecture, published in The Economic and Political Weekly, February 1995

5. “Economic Reforms of Mrs. Indira Gandhi” – Lecture delivered at and published by Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies, New Delhi, November 1995

6. “Sustainable Economic Reform” – Professor A.K. Dasgupta Memorial Lecture: Indian Economic Association, published in The Indian Economic Journal – 1996

Selected Writings (1985-1989):

1. “Recovery, Interdependence and the Developing Economies,” Finance and Development, September 1985, Washington.

2. “The Allocation of Special Drawing Rights Linked to the Reserve Needs of Countries”, Finance and Development, September, 1986, Washington

3. “The Functioning of the International Monetary System: A critique of the Perspective of the Industrial Countries,” World Development, 1986, Oxford.

4. “Augmenting Resources for Structural Adjustment of SAF – Eligible countries – A Note on Interest Subsidy Facility”, – Note circulated to Members of the IMF Executive Board, July 1987.

5. “Adjustment with Growth: Comments”, Published in the volume on Growth Oriented Adjustment, IMF, 1987

6. “The Allocation of Special Drawing Rights Linked to the Reserve Needs of Countries”, International Monetary and Financial Issues for the Developing Countries, UNCTAD – 1987.

7. “Adjustment with Growth – Changing Perceptions in International Balance of Payments Policy for Developing Countries”, Economic and Political Weekly – 1987, Bombay.

8. “The Role of the Fund in International Monetary System and the Developing Countries”, Multilateralism and the United Nations, Journal of Development Planning, United Nations – 1987.

9. “A proposal for a Debt Adjustment Facility – Draft for Discussion” – A Note circulated to the Members of the IMF Executive Board, 1988.

10. “A proposal for a Debt Adjustment Facility”, published in World Economy, 1988, London

11. “Recycling of the Japanese Surplus”, Finance and Development – September 1988, Washington.

12. “Remedy for the Debt Overhang”, published in The International Economy, Washington, July/August 1988 .

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